Gro-Tex Woven Ground Cover

Maximum light suppression against weeds, maximum drainage through specific manufacture techniques.

Gromax Gro-Tex was initially developed to offer weed suppression in greenhouse environments.

Several years of use in many environments has proven Gro-Tex one of the most compatible woven ground covers on the market.

Advantages include:

  • Tough and long lasting through design and raw polymer specification
  • Impressive weed suppression
  • 1st class water and nutrient permeability
  • Helps to maintain soil temperature for stronger root growth leading to increased yields
  • Suitable for use in organic growing systems

Gro-Tex standard sizes:

1.05m x 100m, 2.1m x 100m, 3.3m x 100m, 4.2m x 100m, 4.2m x 50m, 5.25m x 50m