Gro-Clean Bio-Mulch

Gro-Clean Bio-Mulch has been designed to ensure the greatest wet strength possible, which is particularly important when working in the field scale professional environment. This specialist film is not only totally degradable, it is also 100% compostable, leaving no trace of residues. (Received organic certification for the UK as well as mainland Europe)

Able to withstand the elements during a typical UK growing season. At the point of harvest Gro-Clean Bio-Mulch can be incorporated into the soil. Once buried, it decomposes along with other vegetable matter.

Gro-Clean Bio-Mulch helps to prevent sunlight reaching the soil, inhibits germination of weed seed present in the seedbed, and creates a barrier against airborne weeds.

Gro-Clean can dramatically reduce labour costs for weed control in the field. It creates a micro-climate that speeds up root growth to establish plants and reduces spoilage from mechanical weed control.

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